Martin Traub-Werner

About Us: Martin Traub-Werner, CEO

Martin dressed up as a businessman for Halloween when he was seven. Since then, he’s spent almost 40 years refining his skills and honing his craft. Today he’s a dedicated owner/operator focused on providing the most value he can to his clients and colleagues.

Martin graduated from Cornell with a Masters degree in Strategic HR Management and he’s worked in a number of different industries for many large Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Since 2010 Martin has been dedicated to the veterinary industry and in 2013 founded VetSuccess. VetSuccess is dedicated to unlocking the value of veterinary practice data for the industry. He has presented at national veterinary conferences and regularly speaks to veterinarians and practice managers about practice data and practice management and is a member of the VHMA and VetPartners.

When not on duty, you’ll find Martin on a spin bike or in his kitchen cooking up a storm for his family and friends.