Kevin Keystone


Great software is a form of magic, in that it transforms ideas into engaging, delightful, and interactive experiences. Kevin first discovered this magic while geeking out on a Tandy home computer and Commodore 64. Today, he helps create it as the Head of Product for VetSuccess.

Ever curious about people and culture, he graduated from the University of British Columbia with a combined Honors degree in Anthropology, Public Health, and Business Administration. Before joining VetSuccess, Kevin honed his product management skills in various positions he held across a wide range of industries, including community services, public health, finance, education, accounting, food, construction, communications, and more.

Now, he’s honored to be helping practices take better care of their pets and the people who love them. Although he hasn’t yet persuaded his partner to get a dog, he dedicates his work to the loving memory of Dudley, his childhood Lab.