Katie Sorrell


Originally from Nova Scotia, Katie moved to Toronto to complete her undergraduate degree in art and art history. During that time, she took a part-time job as a kennel attendant and never looked back. Over the next decade, Katie worked tirelessly in almost every role a veterinary clinic has to offer. From client communication to inventory management, from cat wrangling to hamster anesthesia, Katie’s varied experience in the veterinary world is certainly an asset.

In addition to finding her true calling in the veterinary world, Katie has stayed true to her artistic roots: she ran a small business selling her handmade designs and has widely exhibited her work across Ontario.

Katie one day dreams of owning a small hobby farm, with a wide assortment of animals. She told her partner on their first date “I love waterfowl!” … and he stuck around! For now, they live together with their retired racing greyhound Wellington, and Chyna, the best cat in the world.