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Veterinary cybersecurity checklist: Some practices only follow 1 or 2 of these 5 online protection guidelines; what about you?

  Just like with animals, there are certain cyber pests that are easy to get infected with and hard to get rid of. Thankfully, similar to veterinary medicine, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to keeping your business safe against the creepy-crawly threats of the internet—aka...Read More

Could your hospital use some relief? Let’s talk about relief veterinarians and techs

  Whether you are of the opinion that there is a nationwide shortage of veterinarians or not, we can all agree that animal hospitals are having difficulty filling positions. Some might argue that’s because there aren’t enough vets to fill the ever-growing list of job openings. Others believe that there are enough vets,...Read More

Veterinary inventory waste: 6 ways you can combat this pesky revenue killer

  After performing end-of-year inventory counts and adjustments, it can be eye-opening and gut-wrenching performing adjustment after adjustment to your inventory. As a brand-new inventory manager, I did a full inventory count for a practice that hadn’t counted anything in nine years. I remember adjusting item after item by thousands, if not tens...Read More

Dental nightmares only veterinary professionals could stomach: aka the importance of client education

  Warning: this post contains graphic images that, I promise you, only seasoned veterinary professionals can handle. If you’re not in veterinary medicine, don’t be a hero… walk away right now or, at the very least, skip the photos.   Now that we’ve gotten that disclaimer out of the way, I trust that...Read More

2020 year in review: Veterinary practices perform well despite the pandemic

  When you look at the overall numbers for 2020 you might be lulled into thinking it was a fairly normal year for the veterinary industry. But those grinding away in practices across the country and those of us analyzing the data know better; 2020 was anything but ordinary thanks to the COVID-19...Read More

New year, new opportunity: 4 ways to improve and jumpstart your veterinary clinic culture

  As a CVPM, I take great pride in the strong company culture in our veterinary clinic. My team is cheerful, hardworking, and dedicated. They know our core values by heart and embody them in every aspect of their jobs. My technicians will pick up the phone or check out a client without...Read More

Top 5 veterinary articles of 2020: Best of the best from an unprecedented year

  After the particularly challenging and unprecedented year that was 2020, I know I’m not alone in welcoming 2021 with open arms. Between the global pandemic, racial injustices, and a heated presidential election, 2020 has left most of us exhausted and overwhelmed. This is especially true for veterinary professionals who were busier than...Read More