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COVID-19 financial focus: Veterinary practice financial FAQs and 8 action items for managing the pandemic

  I’m writing this post on the morning of March 19th. It is almost certain that by the time you read this, additional initiatives will be in place. Things are changing rapidly and we know the news services are struggling to make sense of information disseminated at news conferences with no written documentation...Read More

Reclaim your time and gain unique ROI by grooming staff for future veterinary practice leadership (pun intended)

  Which of these scenarios resonate more with you? A hospital where the practice manager or owner spends most of the day putting out fires, frequently handling client concerns, and knee-jerk reacting to everything. A hospital where the practice manager or owner spends most of the day developing their staff, continually working on...Read More

The gentle nudge: How veterinary practices can fix their leaky bucket and retrieve valuable lapsing patients

It’s amazing how quickly a year goes by. I nearly forgot to get an inspection sticker for my car before the end of the month, my doctor reminded me that it had been 18 months since my last check-up, and I just received a second reminder to renew my dog’s license. I have...Read More

Data normalization: What it really is and how it powers veterinary industry trendlines and benchmarks

  It’s no secret for those in the veterinary industry, practice management software data, aka PIMS data, can get very messy. It’s far too easy to end up with lots of different names for things and codes that come and go. Perhaps an enterprising practice manager initiates a PIMS clean-up and beautifully recategorizes...Read More

How veterinary professionals can break free from the dreaded national pet dental health month

  Sometime in the early 2000’s, veterinary practice consultants began advising that veterinarians could increase their dental compliance and keep busy during the slowest month of the year if they offered a discount during one month… alas, the concept of “National Pet Dental Health Month” was born.  I’ll be honest, it seemed like...Read More

3 crucial pieces every new veterinary practice manager needs to complete their training puzzle

Being a new veterinary practice manager can be an extremely overwhelming experience even with the best training and preparation. So imagine if someone moved into this position without the required support and resources. Sound scary? It should, especially because this happens all the time.  Whether it is a matter of a newer practice...Read More

Top 5 veterinary articles of 2019: The most popular advice to bring with you into the new decade

  Happy New Year friends! We’re welcoming in the new roaring ‘20s by taking a look back at the best of 2019. This past year was a time of incredible growth for us here at VetSuccess and we hope that you and your practice experienced the same.  To build upon that growth, let’s...Read More