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The power of getting team buy-in – A path toward boosting productivity, profitability and staff loyalty

I was driving home from a clinic earlier this week and heard on the radio that unemployment had reached an all-time low of about 3.7% nationally[1]. The AVMA has confirmed that it’s even lower in veterinary medicine at around 1.6%.[2] This means that most people who want to be employed, are. To most...Read More

Why every impression really matters. The high stakes to not providing good customer service

First impressions are everything. They certainly matter when the stakes are high, like a job interview or a first date, and they matter even when the stakes are low, like being introduced to a friend of a friend (because who knows what the future holds). How about when a first impression influences whether...Read More

Developing and retaining the ‘A’ team! Reducing high staff turnover starts with you…The GREAT LEADER!

Staff retention is a hot topic for practice managers and owners. “We have such high staff turnover” I frequently hear. I have even heard “employee turnover is very common in the veterinary industry…” When these types of comments are made, the first place I turn to make corrections is leadership. It all starts...Read More

Case study: How improving parasiticide compliance by just 8% helped this practice generate an additional $122,000 in annual revenue

There’s no arguing that people are resistant to change and that making changes in veterinary practices can be extremely difficult. Sometimes, you might feel like despite your best efforts you just can’t make any headway. At first glance, even the data can make you feel like you’re a failure. BUT…are we looking at...Read More

Effective staff management: Using a creative meeting format that makes your whole team more productive, inspired and engaged

Effective staff management can be a little daunting at times. Let’s face it, the term is often associated with negative situations like HR issues, coworker conflict and a myriad of other unpleasant discussions and concerns. However, staff management does not need to have a negative association. In fact, effective staff management drives good...Read More

Dentists do it, so can veterinarians! The hows and whys of forward-booking your veterinary patient appointments

You’re sitting in the chair, with those pearly whites and a toothbrush in hand. Before you even get out of the seat, what does your dental hygienist do? They hand you a little card with your next dental appointment. It’s not an option, it’s a standard. Facing the same challenges that we do...Read More

Why and how to constantly maximize the potential of your existing, active patients

Fact: Acquiring new patients is much harder than retaining existing ones. So why is it that so many practices are letting existing patient relationships lapse? That’s a big question, and while there’s certainly a big answer, I’d like to focus on just one contributing factor for now: active patient count. How exactly do...Read More

How making your practice cat-friendly will improve your patient and client experience, bonding rate and your bottom line!

The number one reason why people don’t bring their cat to the vet is because their cat doesn’t like it. The number one reason that people do bring their cat to the vet is because they are sick. We all know that once a cat begins to show signs of illness, it is...Read More

One woman’s journey: Taking a year to reflect, rethink and discover her authentic self, helped her craft a life of purpose and deeper love

Quitting was the easy part. It was the deciding to quit that almost killed me. When I announced that I was leaving a career that I honestly loved to take a one-year sabbatical, the translation quickly became “she’s quitting to care for her children”. That sounds logical. That makes sense in our culture....Read More

Convert more veterinary phone shoppers to new clients: How to track, evaluate and harness insights gained from the data

When it comes to veterinary phone shoppers, there are two areas that many practices are not actively evaluating—where their phone shoppers are coming from and how effectively their team handles them. These questions can be tough to tackle for two different reasons, which I’ll get into below. But more importantly, why is it...Read More