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4 leadership archetypes: Why negative data gets your boss in a tizzy and what you can do about it

Do you know what your owner’s leadership archetype is? Read on to find out. If you’re in any sort of leadership position at your practice, there’s no doubt you’ve been the bearer of bad news to your owners at least once or twice. Even with a booming pet industry, there’s still the potential...Read More

Growth planning: See the clever way one practice achieved a 22% growth in active canine patients in 12 months

It had been a tough year for this practice. It began with some shake-ups on the team. This resulted in a wave of hiring and training—a time-consuming albeit important task. The changes were all positive and the practice started out the year in high spirits and enthusiasm, ready to tackle their growth planning...Read More

Does training new employees feel like a burden? Are you setting new team members up to fail? Consider phase training

Training staff members is often a challenge in a veterinary practice, for many reasons. Firstly, hiring and training is expensive and like any expensive investment, it needs to have value. Secondly, we have a huge problem in our industry with “sink or swim” style training. Let’s face it, you are training a new...Read More

Managing millennials takes heart: 8 leadership rules from Olympic gold medalist Abby Wambach’s new book “Wolfpack”

Take a look around your practice and you’ll likely see an abundance of employees who fall into the millennial category. According to Forbes, millennials will comprise almost 35% of the workforce by 2020. Since this unique generation is often deeply misunderstood, managing millennials can present challenges to even the most seasoned professional. However,...Read More

Which of these 4 types of communication styles do you use in the workplace?

  There is no right or wrong way to communicate—but understanding your communication style and that of the person you are trying to communicate with will certainly help you out in all settings, but especially in the work place. I myself have a tendency to over-communicate. I like to make sure that the...Read More

Why compliance is a 5-letter word—and how it tells the story of how well your practice is doing at protecting patients

We hear the word ‘compliance’ all the time; we’ve been hearing it for thirty years. In fact, we hear it so much it often becomes just a bit of white noise. I mean, really, we talk to every single pet parent about heartworm prevention and flea control. We sell TONS of product and our drug reps...Read More

An empowered team is a happy team: Utilizing empowerment to build a great culture

Culture and leadership are now common words used in veterinary management literature. Many articles state how important these are, but what else contributes to building a positive culture besides leadership? If culture is defined as shared values and working towards a common goal, shouldn’t the rest of the team be involved in building...Read More

Is a loyalty program right for your veterinary practice? How 5% of your clients can generate an additional $100,000 in revenue

Loyalty programs are all the talk these days. You don’t have to look very far to find a business with a loyalty program. Coffee shops were among the first to discover the value of a loyalty program for client retention but now all sorts of businesses have jumped on the band wagon, including...Read More

Let’s look at the veterinary data ecosystem: How it works, who’s who, and how your practice data is being used by data partners

There’s a lot of talk again in our industry about the uses of veterinary data. I’ve spent many many hours on this topic over the last eight years and a disproportionate number of them over the last several weeks. I’d like to share my framework for understanding the use of data in our...Read More

How to choose the right KPIs – Gathering the right information, making decisions, and solving problems all depend on asking the right questions

When I ask someone how their practice is performing and which metrics they look at regularly to assess their performance, I typically hear the same set of KPIs. Revenue, new clients, ACT, active clients, percentage of revenue toward cost of goods, and percentage of revenue toward labor, to name just a few. I...Read More