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How to hire, engage and leverage the millennials in your veterinary practice

On the VetSuccess blog we do our best to bring you insight into topics that impact you and the success of your practice. While we’re delighted by your interest in all of our posts, we’ve definitely noticed a few that get more than their fair share of attention from our readers. Our millennial...Read More

2 ways to increase profitability in your veterinary practice

When it comes to increasing the bottom line of your Profit and Loss (P&L) statement, you have options. You can take the approach of focusing on expense management, or you can focus on increasing revenue. Which do you choose? Trick question; you don’t. Both have an impact on your bottom line. The correct...Read More

5 ways to promote a healthier veterinary practice culture – And why

In my last post, How to Define and Create a Great Work Culture in Your Veterinary Practice, I explored mission statements, core values and other organizational factors that can help you create the culture you want. Now, it’s time to get personal and take a look at how staffing and culture go hand...Read More

How to get more out of your veterinary practice’s loyalty program

As you may have noticed, I’m a big fan of loyalty programs. In recent weeks, I’ve written about the value of having a loyalty program, shared five fundamental factors for success, and explained the difference between loyalty programs and discount programs. Let’s say you’re on board with all of the above, you’ve got...Read More

Email address collection: How to improve the efficiency of your veterinary practice

As a practice manager, you always have a long list of tasks and initiatives fighting for your attention. (I’ve touched on this in a couple of previous posts, including one on how to create a more manageable workload). One of the tools I like to use when attempting to prioritize such a list...Read More

5 more things I learned at the 2017 AVMA Economic Summit

In my January 11 post, I shared five valuable things I learned at the 2017 American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Economic Summit. Given the vast quantity of information shared at the summit, the takeaways warranted a Part Two. Here they are — the second five of my top 10 summit takeaways: 1. Debt...Read More

Veterinary economics: 5 things I learned at the AVMA Economic Summit

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Economic Summit is an annual gathering of leading experts and bright minds in veterinary economics. My colleague Will and I had the pleasure of attending as keen observers. Our goal: understanding how we could apply expert economic insights towards better client and patient care. Speakers shared data...Read More

Valuable advice for veterinary practice success: A year in review

As I often do when year-end approaches, I’ve been looking back over the past 12 months to see what accomplishments we might raise a glass to at the VetSuccess holiday gathering. From the launch of our How to use your data webinar series to our new partnership with the WMPB study team, we...Read More