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How medical ratios support best medicine – Every time

We hear a lot about the importance of practicing “best medicine.” Conceptually, many of us would agree that practicing best medicine is, in fact, best. Even so, the question lingers, how do we do it in the real world and how do we measure it? To help our practice teams reach their full...Read More

How to know if your practice needs a veterinary wellness plan

Veterinary Wellness Plans or “Preventative Care Plans” are becoming more and more popular in our profession. If yours is a practice scrambling to figure out how to get a Veterinary Wellness Plan in place – or if you even should – consider this question: Do your clients actually want or need a Veterinary...Read More

4 ways a standard of care can benefit your practice

Can a Standard of Care improve nearly EVERYTHING in your practice? Well, it may not fix that worn-out floor in your treatment room, but I believe Standards of Care can address a number of important management issues in veterinary practices. Let’s look at a few of them: 1. Your Standard of Care separates...Read More

Employee recognition – How to show your employees you care

Employee recognition can have a large and positive impact on employee retention. Finding ways to recognize the hard work of your employees doesn’t have to be difficult, complicated or time-consuming. Besides aiding retention because it’s good for morale, employee recognition is also good for your bottom line. According to an article published by...Read More

How to use process flowcharts for an excellent client experience

Do you use process flowcharts in your practice? If not, this one’s for you! If your practice is anything like mine, you may, like me, sometimes experience a sense of foreboding that things are getting more complicated every day. To remain competitive, we’re increasingly focused on things like: developing more sophisticated marketing initiatives;...Read More

What’s your active patient count and why you need to know

What is the importance of active patient count, you may ask? I'll let Henry answer that! Dear Liza, I hope this note finds you well. Things here are great. We had a banner month! Our new marketing program seems to be working, and we saw a record number of new patients in the practice this month. The...Read More

6 reasons why working with data can be hard

There are no two ways about it. Working with data isn't easy. Within the veterinary industry, there’s a lot of talk about practice data and a number of misconceptions as well. I’d like to share some thoughts on the complexity of managing and understanding data in our industry. Comparing data with other practices...Read More

5 simple sales tips for client-phobic millennials

Perhaps, like me, you are a millennial who is introverted and gets nervous when speaking to clients. If so, it can be especially difficult when you are required to sell them products and services. Or perhaps you are more extroverted and having conversations with clients comes naturally to you. Regardless of your personality...Read More

Comparing veterinary practice reports – A gentle word of caution

Cat eating
When it comes to understanding how well your veterinary practice is doing, the more data you can feast your eyes on, the better. That said, it’s important that you not only look at the numbers in your reports, but also the specifics of what exactly they are measuring. At VetSuccess, we’ve witnessed a...Read More

How to conduct engagement surveys to reduce unwanted turnover (Part 2 of 2)

Dog in a field with a Frisbee in its mouth
As the title suggests, this is the second post in a two-part series about engagement surveys. Engagement surveys can help you understand how your employees feel about your practice and just how committed they are to your success. In part one, I shared eight best practices to help ensure your success. Please be...Read More