Beyond the Numbers Blog Thoughts & Advice on Veterinary Practice Management

Solid veterinary practice advice: Most popular blogs of 2018

Well it’s that time of year again. As we close out 2018 and look forward to ringing in another new year, we thought we’d pause a little to reflect on all the awesome content that the By the Numbers blog by VetSuccess has turned out! We welcomed some new authors and tackled several...Read More

Effective inventory management – Discover the secrets to marking up your parasiticide inventory for maximum profitability

My first swim into the deep end of the management pool was as an inventory manager. Over the years I keep coming back to the principles of effective inventory management again and again. As the second highest expense in a veterinary practice, having a solid knowledge of how to manage inventory is critical...Read More

Performance reviews done right: The gift that keeps on giving

Holiday festivities. Family. Friends. Good food. Year-end inventory counts. Annual budgeting. Performance reviews. To some, the above two lines may seem as polarizing as a lump of coal and a shiny new present. Fortunately, for veterinary managers and owners alike, exercises that many designate to the end of the year are in fact,...Read More

Why you should try open-book management starting today, for the financial health of your practice

Open-book management is certainly not a new concept. In fact, it has been discussed since the nineties, but there are still many veterinary practice owners that are either not familiar with the term or extremely resistant to the idea. While it may sound a little “too open” to some people, there are actually...Read More

A recovery program for the discounting habit: Use your head, not your heart, when it comes to discounting veterinary fees

Veterinarians often tell me “I don’t believe in discounting at my practice.” I usually chuckle a little because every veterinarian I have ever known discounts. And, to be clear, not all discounting is bad. Discounts that drive new business or attract a new lifetime client, such as a free exam for a new...Read More

How to conduct a strong, successful millennial job interview (And hire the right candidate)

There are a growing number of millennials entering the workforce. So, when hiring it is important to understand what the ins and outs of the interview process with a millennial candidate should look like. A different approach is called for than when interviewing older generations. From preparing candidates for the interview, to “de-coding”...Read More

VetSuccess founder interviewed by NAVC Spark following VetPartners Hot Rocks Presentations

Watch as our fearless leader Martin Traub-Werner is interviewed by NAVC Spark following his presentation at the VetPartners mid-year meetings. Martin revealed the results of a groundbreaking VetSuccess study at the VetPartners Hot Rocks presentations, which showcase the hottest ideas and trends and the best innovations and tools. “We actually found a direct...Read More

Looking out for number one! Achieve mental well-being by practicing self-care

As practice managers, we constantly read articles about how to take better care of our staff, how to communicate more successfully with millennials and how to create a great working relationship with your practice owner. This article is all about you— the busy practice manager. Let’s focus on how to practice self-care to...Read More

Tips and tricks for getting the most from your Lapsing Patients Detail Report

  When you look at your Lapsing Patients detail report each month do you feel so overwhelmed with all the great information included that you don’t know where to start? If so, you are not alone! This report is an appendix to the Practice Overview Report and is an absolutely amazing tool for...Read More

Is your practice truly growing? The number of new clients won’t tell you the whole story (Are you looking at your active patients?)

One of the most important KPIs you should be tracking in your practice is the “net change in active patients” metric. It is a performance measurement that is not readily available in your practice management software, yet it is arguably one of the most insightful. It’s not the easiest number to calculate, but...Read More