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Why a loyalty program is not a discount program

One of the common objections veterinary practices seem to have about implementing loyalty programs is that they don’t like to discount their services. But here’s the thing: a loyalty program is not a discount program. In fact, if you are strategic about your program, you will actually prevent discounting. And if that’s not...Read More

How to define and create a great work culture in your veterinary practice

Workplace culture is the essence of your business. It’s what makes your business unique, and is the culmination of your businesses values, traditions, and beliefs. It is something that can be defined and built upon – or left to run wild. It can keep and attract talent or chase it away. It can...Read More

Five fundamental factors of a successful loyalty program

If you read my last post on loyalty programs, you were hopefully inspired to think about how such a program could benefit your practice. But before you jump in head first, I would like to share the five fundamental factors of success. At Vet2Pet, we have helped hundreds of practices implement loyalty programs,...Read More

How to build a bond with your clients using an app powered by your practice data

Just walk through an airport and it seems like everyone has a smartphone these days. The truth is that approximately 77% of Americans have a smartphone and the most rapidly growing demographic of smartphone owners is 55- to 64-year-olds – probably because if you want to talk to your grandkids these days, this...Read More

The power of Yelp: How to overcome the challenges and grow positive reviews

In my last post, I talked about the importance of generating positive online reviews for your practice, and by positive I mean four-star rankings or higher. In this post I’m going to reveal a powerful strategy that Yelp would prefer you not to know about, but first, a little context. Building your reputation...Read More

Why your veterinary practice needs a loyalty program

I was a practice manager at a busy four-doctor practice when we first launched a loyalty program. It was 2011 and we were treading uncharted waters. No one had ever done anything like this in our industry before, and we had no idea if it would work. One day, a client brought his...Read More

How to measure your veterinary practice’s success with a simple calculation

In last week’s post, I used an analogy to explain what your Net Change in Active Patients is. As you may recall, it’s like your bank balance. There’s an opening balance on the first day of the month. There are deposits (inflows) and withdrawals (outflows). Then there’s your balance on the last day...Read More

One of the most important numbers when measuring veterinary practice success

Imagine boarding a plane to your favorite destination. With anticipation, you get to the airport early, get through the seeming chaos of boarding, stow your luggage for takeoff, fasten your seatbelt, and sit through the safety demonstration. The captain then comes over the loudspeaker: “Ladies and gentlemen, from the flight deck, this is...Read More

Boost your veterinary practice with positive online reviews

This post touches on something that’s critical to your practice – positive online reviews – so no beating around the bush. I’m jumping straight in with a stat. Here goes: 91% of consumers actively seek out online reviews for local businesses(1) If your veterinary practice is clogging up social media platforms with its...Read More

Why veterinary practice staff morale matters more than ever and 3 ways to boost it

If you could only focus on one aspect of your veterinary practice, what would that be? Would you focus on patient care? That’s why you got into this business, after all. Would you focus on client satisfaction, because without clients, you wouldn’t actually be in practice? Or would you focus on revenue, because...Read More