VetSuccess Launches Preventive Care Snapshot™ Report for Veterinary Practices

Easy-to-read heat map format includes full details of treatment by patient.

Toronto, Canada, September 29, 2015—VetSuccess has taken reporting on veterinary practice data to the next level with the introduction of its groundbreaking new quarterly Preventive Care Snapshot™.

Until now, VetSuccess— a membership service for the veterinary industry that provides data-driven practice management solutions—has provided a suite of monthly reports summarizing individual practice performance on the most critical business metrics. “The Preventive Care Snapshot (PCS) measures how well practices are doing at delivering preventive patient care,” says VetSuccess CEO Martin Traub-Werner. “We all know that regular preventive care leads to healthier patients and a healthier practice, but until we released the PCS there really was no practical way for a practice to track and measure improvements on preventive protocols.”

Practice management consultant, Brenda Tassava, CVPM, helped to inspire the development of this report. “When I work with practice teams, we take a look at where we are with compliance and then build out a plan for improvement. It’s always been a struggle to really track and measure how we’re doing once we’ve launched the plan,” says Tassava. “Traditionally, teams don’t have the time to track the numbers, and when they don’t know how they’re doing, the plan falls off the rails.”

One night, Brenda was tired and frustrated after a long day of working with a practice and training several team members how to track different numbers from various reports. She was inspired on the drive home to contact Traub-Werner with a plea to help practices get at this data, and in this conversation, the idea for the Preventive Care Snapshot was born. Watch Brenda tell her story on video.

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The quarterly PCS report has an easy-to-read “heat map” format that clearly identifies specifically where practices have opportunities for improvement. Additionally, there is a bar graph for each species, which can help practices measure progress as their teams strive to achieve patient care goals. A spreadsheet with full details of treatment by patient is also included, enabling practices to easily identify what each pet needs.

Dr. Robert Gribble, owner of Hallsville Veterinary Hospital in Hallsville, Texas and frequent speaker at various industry conferences, feels the PCS report is a real innovation that can impact the overall level of preventive care for the veterinary industry. “Getting this information out of our practice management system has been next to impossible. This report lets me see real opportunities we can take action on, to take better care of our pets. My mission is ‘More Good Years Together,’ and I think the PCS report will help us better achieve that mission,” says Gribble.

About VetSuccess

VetSuccess is a membership service for the veterinary industry that provides monthly practice performance reports, marketing tools, and connections to colleagues and industry leaders. The company works directly with practices and through industry partnerships to help practices be more successful.

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