Veterinary Practices Get a Leg Up on Fecal Testing with VetSuccess and Fear Free Partnership

TORONTOMarch 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – Veterinary practices that know the value of routine fecal testing now have an easy way to get that message across to clients thanks to the Fear Free Fecals program.

VetSuccess, a membership service that delivers data-driven practice management solutions, has teamed up on the initiative with Fear Free, an educational program designed to ease pet fear, anxiety, and stress.

In a controlled experiment, VetSuccess discovered that supplemental reminders boost fecal testing and increase overall preventive care and practice revenue. Best of all, the reminders help reduce patient stress by avoiding stool sample collection at visits.

“The Fear Free Fecals program is fully automated, making it very simple and affordable for practices to be more successful in terms of profitability and patient care,” says VetSuccess CEO Martin Traub-Werner. “Practices can create positive client touch points with zero staff time.”

The program uses a sophisticated algorithm to automatically mail reminder letters to clients. The personalized letters look like they came directly from their veterinary practice and include one free stool collection bag to encourage at-home collection. Clients then bring the samples in for testing, eliminating the need for potentially stressful manual collection.

According to Fear Free founder and CEO Dr. Marty Becker, “Partnerships like the Fear Free Fecals program with VetSuccess are crucial in helping every pet be happy and healthy.”

Practices control how many mailers are sent by setting a monthly budget they’re comfortable with. VetSuccess sends monthly performance reports showing how many mailers went out and how many fecal exams were generated as a direct result of the program. According to Traub-Werner, “There’s no guesstimating involved when it comes to ROI. The proof, as always, is in the data.”

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