Veterinary Practices Keep Pulse on Business Via New Interactive Daily Dashboards

VetSuccess launches innovative business intelligence product.

TORONTO, ON, February 19, 2019 – Staying on top of business just got easier for veterinary practices around the US and Canada, thanks to the VetSuccess Daily Dashboards. The dashboards offer one single, stunning view of a veterinary practice’s most critical data and KPIs.

With data that’s organized and made useable daily, practice managers and owners automatically receive the information they need to stay ahead of trends and take appropriate action. 

“Our longtime customers challenged us to develop a product that could keep up with their fast-paced businesses,” says VetSuccess CEO Martin Traub-Werner. “Daily Dashboards enable individual practices and practice groups to interactively drill into data for different time periods, providers, and revenue categories with one click.”

Practice managers can effortlessly flow from daily revenue to invoices by provider to inventory trends all within the same visually-appealing and easy-to-interpret dashboard – something they can’t easily get from their practice management software.

A key feature of the Standard Dashboard will align their existing practice management software codes to the industry-endorsed AAHA/VMG Chart of Accounts, saving practices hundreds of hours of manual data entry. VetSuccess automatically maps the percentage of revenue by provider behind the scenes, without practices having to change a single code in their PIMS.

Daily Dashboards aggregate data regardless of individual practice management software or shared servers. This is particularly welcome news for practice groups or practices with segmented business units who want to have a handle on each division’s performance.

Practices that want to dig deep into their data can get creative with custom-built dashboards. “We’ve helped practices with automated daily journal entries, goal tracking, and production by work shift. If the data is in your PIMS, we can help you make sense of it,” says Traub-Werner.

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