Meet the Team

Our diverse team of experienced professionals is passionate and pumped about what we do, and committed to helping your practice achieve greater success!

Take a moment to click on each team member’s photo to learn a bit more about what makes each of us tick. And tock.

Our Team: Martin Traub-Werner

Martin Traub-Werner


Our Team: Abraham Lin

Abraham Lin

Data Analyst

Our Team: Amber Barrett

Amber Barrett

Customer Support Specialist

Our Team: Anthea Mislan

Anthea Mislan

Senior Art Director

Our Team: Britni Prusa

Britni Prusa

Product Specialist

Our Team: Esther Fraser

Esther Fraser

Data Analyst

Our Team: Jason Luo

Jason Luo

Data Analyst

Our Team: Jen Kowalski

Jen Kowalski

Business Analyst

Our Team: Jessica Gelberg

Jessica Gelberg

Team Support Manager

Our Team: Josephine Wynn

Josephine Wynn

Marketing Manager

Our Team: Kate Zirkle

Kate Zirkle

Marketing Manager

Katie McClean

Katie McClean

VP Key Accounts and Operations

Katie Sorrell

Katie Sorrell

Customer Success Manager

Our Team: Kristen Clark

Kristen Clark

Business Analyst

Our Team: Marina Lazic

Marina Lazic

Data Analyst

Our Team: Ray Giang

Ray Giang

Data Analyst

Our Team: Rodrigo Machado

Rodrigo Machado

Director of Engineering

Our Team: Sally Jackson

Sally Jackson

National Accounts Manager

Our Team: Sarah Susut

Sarah Susut

Product Manager

Our Team: Sasha Akhavi

Sasha Akhavi

VP Product

Our Team: Shawna Abrahamson

Shawna Abrahamson

Account Manager

Our Team: Sheri Gilmartin

Sheri Gilmartin

VP Sales & Marketing

Tony Semana

Tony Semana

Director of Integrations

Will de la Guardia

Will de la Guardia

Director of Data


Careers at VetSuccess

At VetSuccess, we’re proud to have earned our reputation as industry-leading analytics experts. Our culture is driven by respect, transparency, and collaboration. It's a place where great things happen, all while working alongside people we enjoy and admire.

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