Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we hear most frequently. If you do not see your question, please contact support today.

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Getting Started

What PIMS does VetSuccess work with?

We currently connect to 123Pet, Advantage, AVImark, AVImark SQL, ClienTrax, Cornerstone, DVM Manager, DVMax for Windows, DVMax SQL for Windows, eVetPractice, ezyVet, HippoManager, HVMS, Infinity (Impromed), IntraVet, IntraVet SQL, RX Works, Stringsoft, Triple Crown, VIA, and V-Tech Platinum.

Is the VetSuccess integration tool easy to install?

Yes. Our data partner needs less than 10 minutes on the phone with someone in the practice who has access to the server and the internet. The integration tool enables secure data transfer and will be installed on your server on a schedule that you choose.

How do VetSuccess reports differ from what I can pull from my own practice management software?

There are several different practice management systems out there, with just as many ways to generate data reports. Some systems, we’re told, are fairly straightforward to produce; others take hours.

VetSuccess reports are meant to complement the reports in your practice management software and provide you with more insightful metrics that you can’t get easily on your own. VetSuccess reports save you time and stress so that you can spend more time analyzing results than pulling reports.

Are we locked into a contract?

Absolutely NOT! Our job is to continue to add value and make sure you want to do business with us. You may cancel at any time. If you choose to cancel your membership, we will not renew your subscription on the next date of renewal.

How do I decide which reports are right for my practice?

Talk to us! We’d love to learn more about your goals and the practice performance questions you’re trying to answer. Our data experts will work with you to determine which solutions would best meet your needs.

You can talk to a real, live human being toll-free at 866 408-8554. You can also live chat with our data specialists and send us a note ​on our website​ or shoot an email to​.

Where will I access my reports?

VetSuccess members receive a unique username and password to access a dedicated portal to view their reports and dashboards. Both current and historical reports are stored in the portal and available for you to access at any time.

What will we have to do to manage our VetSuccess membership?

Your monthly and quarterly reports arrive ‘auto-magically’ via email so you don’t have to do a thing but check your inbox. All of your reports are also stored in your portal where you have 24/7 convenient access. This gives you more time to review the reports and take action against the data to keep your practice healthy.

What support does VetSuccess offer to help us get the most out of our reports?

New VetSuccess members will receive a 45-minute onboarding session with one of our data specialists. We’ll walk you through your first report to ensure that you’re comfortable with each metric. We’ll also send you links to access our library of training videos where you can learn more about each report.

Our data specialists are always available for questions and support, and our website includes an abundance of tools and resources to help you be more successful. We can also connect you with the team of CVPMs at VetSupport for a private consultation at a reasonable fee.

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What data does VetSuccess pull from our system?

We pull client, patient, appointment, reminder, and transaction data. This allows us to accurately report back on practice activity. We pull 4 years of data so your first report will include historical performance and trendlines.

How do I know if my numbers are accurate?

Some might call us data nerds, but we’re very proud of the work we do. We’re known for being the best in the industry at data and analytics. With that being said, nothing is perfect and mistakes do happen from time to time. On the rare chance that an error occurs, we are quick to correct it. Everything we do is completely transparent. If you ever have a question about where a number is coming from, you can access your codes mapping report to see how we’ve organized your data. Codes can be rearranged and reports rerun very quickly.

How does VetSuccess calculate a new client?

You may be surprised to learn that each practice management software has a different way of calculating new clients. Many count new clients when a new patient record is added to your PIMS. Some count new clients in the month the new record was created and some count new clients in the month the appointment was scheduled. At VetSuccess, we count a new client or patient once they are invoiced for services at your practice for the first time.

How many practices are included in benchmarks?

Our Practice Overview Report and Daily Dashboards include national benchmarks. If you are receiving a report sponsored by one of our industry partners (Patterson, Elanco, etc.), the benchmarks are regional.

For the national benchmarks, we pull data from a minimum of 1,000 practices across the country and take the mean value to calculate our benchmark.

For regional benchmarks, we use the CBSA model: core based statistical area. Regions can be as small as a metropolitan area or as large as the Northwest. We benchmark to the smallest area possible while ensuring that the number of practices included in the benchmark is large enough to provide a meaningful result.

What if I want to see additional metrics or different visuals?

Practices often ask us, “are you able to…...?” If you are interested in metrics that are not included in our standard reports or dashboards, talk to us. We’re happy to produce custom work for many practices.  

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What does VetSuccess do to make sure our data is secure?

We protect your data with 256-bit SSL encryption with a 2048-bit key, using the most up-to-date standard available (TLS 1.2). Our security infrastructure is managed by Amazon to guarantee the most immediate response possible to any potential future internet-wide security vulnerabilities.

What does VetSuccess do with our data?

VetSuccess will access, normalize, analyze, and serve the data to you in clear, actionable reports like the Practice Overview Report. In order to bring you even more meaningful market information, we will aggregate your data (throw it into a big pot and mix it with other similar practices’ data) so that you can see how your practice is doing compared to others.

Also, ​with your expressed permission only​, we may work with industry partners to provide unique views of certain segments of data (i.e. parasiticide compliance, nutrition opportunity, wellness opportunity). You approve any and all sharing of information. We will never, ever, ever share your client or patient details with anyone except you.

Will VetSuccess solicit my clients?

VetSuccess will never send an independent communication to your clients. All communication with your clients is on your behalf and with your permission. We will never send anything to your clients on your behalf without your expressed permission.