Why VetSuccess?

Who will benefit from VetSuccess membership?

Progressive, business-savvy, client-centric, veterinary practitioners and practice managers who want to manage their practice for peak performance. Does that sound like you? So how do you know if VetSuccess membership makes sense for your practice?

The first questions are:

• Are you committed to growing your practice?
• Do you want to understand your clients better?

One of our members, Dr. Mark Coleman, sums it up well: “It’s a commitment to your practice and you have to make time to look over the data and figure out what actions to take in areas of concern. You can’t be so busy running your practice that you don’t take the time to look at what’s happening and figure out where you want to grow.”


If you’re of the same mindset as Dr. Coleman, take a look at what you’re doing now from a reporting perspective:

• Spending hours pulling practice management reports each month?
• Are you and/or your team spending too much time just pulling and collating data each month, and not enough time analyzing and taking action?

Dr. Coleman was: “I’m not an AVImark expert, but I’ve tried generating my own reports. It’s not easy. I’ve asked my hospital manager to generate them. It’s time consuming. So now I like having the VetSuccess reports drop into my email around the first of each month with no effort at all on my part. It’s a lot less work and really nice.”

VetSuccess member Kelley Parrish, a very busy, experienced practice manger, agrees: “VetSuccess is really helpful. I love that it puts our data all in one spot, and it saves me a lot of time pulling data together. We use VIA for our practice management system. Pulling all the data reports I need is time consuming and a bit daunting at times. With Vet Success, it’s just so easy.”

How VetSuccess Reports Differ From Veterinary Practice Management Software

VetSuccess membership enhances and complements all that you have in your practice management system (PIMS). Your monthly graphical reports also provide some additional key insights, which are likely not available from your PIMS.

Some examples include:

PracticeOverviewReports_Paw1A calculation of the % of your clients with emails in your database.

A snapshot of your new clients, with lost & reactivated calculated as well.

PracticeOverviewReports_Paw3A detailed look at your lapsing clients & patients; here’s where you’ll want to take immediate action to retain this revenue stream. 

PracticeOverviewReports_Paw4Client retention data.

PracticeOverviewReports_Paw5At-a-glance summary of break-out details of your Professional Services each month.

PracticeOverviewReports_Paw6A detailed look at revenue categories with a focus on professional services.

PracticeOverviewReports_Paw7Your income trending for the past 12 months.

PracticeOverviewReports_Paw8None of the analysis provided in our Preventive Care Snapshot report is readily available from any PIMS.

Even if information you need is available in your PIMS, it might be tough and time-consuming to get at. Our members tell us that they happily save at least 5 – 6 hours a month pulling data — time they now spend taking action to grow their practice.

Charting “What’s up?”
To make it even easier, VetSuccess reports are delivered right to your email inbox each month. The beauty of our unique graphical format is that it provides instant clarity. It only takes a second to see if something needs your attention. If your average revenue per client visit is trending nicely upwards, for example, and then one month suddenly drops off, this gives you a “What’s up?” flag. Investigating what triggered the decline and fixing it means you don’t have to wait months (and lose months of revenue) before acting on a problem. Moreover, you can easily see the results of your action when that same chart starts trending upwards again.

Stuck in KPI overload?
Accountants, practice management advisors and various veterinary groups all have their own data demands of you. Look at this, no, look at that. It can become a bit overwhelming. Rest assured, we’ve worked with the top practice management experts in the industry to determine which metrics will be most useful for you – and how we can save you time and money in monitoring them.

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