The VetSuccess Advantage: Our Process

We’ve got a rigorous process in place that ensures your monthly practice reports are as accurate and easy to understand as possible. You’ll gain actionable insights on growth and cost-savings opportunities from the clear, visual representation of your key performance metrics.

Let’s explain our approach to extracting, normalizing, analyzing, and serving your practice data.



If you don’t have a data extraction tool on your server already (more than 5,000 practices do!) it’s a painless 10 minute exercise. The extraction tool provides the raw data for our analysis engine to create your monthly reports. Rest assured that your data is completely secure: we use 24-bit SSL encryption (the same as your bank) and host data in the same secure way as


Normalizing the data is the “secret sauce” of VetSuccess reports. Why is normalization a big deal? Imagine you wanted to look at dental prophylaxis procedures in these five practices:

Normalization provides apples-to-apples, PIMS-agnostic data for your Monthly Practice Overview Report, and we’ve got veterinary industry pros managing the process. Just to summarize the importance of normalization: what sets VetSuccess apart is the transparency of the codes we are counting for report categories and the flexibility that your practice has to move these codes to make the reports accurate and meaningful for your business.

No other company in the industry is normalizing practice data at the code level like VetSuccess is!


Our number one mandate is to make it effortless for you to quickly identify revenue and cost-saving opportunities for your practice. We analyze your practice data and present your key practice metrics in a clear, easy-to-understand format. We’ve overlaid trend lines on the charts representing your practice’s average performance for each metric, making it instantly apparent how your practice is performing overtime.


Each month we send you an email with a link to your reports. You also have the option to log in and view your reports online any time. Easily download, save and print your PDF and Excel reports with just one click. No need to spend hours a month pulling data: it’s all at your fingertips! Spend your valuable time gaining insights and acting on them, rather than gathering and collating your practice metrics.

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